Superstorm Sandy

October 29, 2012. Here are a few heart-wrenching photos we were able to take of the storm and the aftermath. Though it caused untold dollars of misfortune for our community, Lavallette has rebuilt and we have continued to provide top notch alcohol with top notch service. Peruse our gallery at your leisure.  

Talk of the Town

Here’s What Folks are Saying About Cornerstone Wine & Liquors

Happy Autumn!

Happy First Day of Fall! We welcome you to share in the celebration of all things autumnal with us by swinging by┬áCornerstone Wine & Liquors to snag some superlative seasonal favorites, including Dogfish Pumpkin Ale and Shipyard Pumpkinhead, and old standbys like Kah Tequila. Can’t wait to see you here!

We’re Live!

Our website has launched! As our summer season winds down and cool breezes replace those warm smiles of pleasant visitors passing through our door, we reckoned it was about time to boot up the ol’ Commodore 64 and pump some noise into the universe. So here we are! If you’re around Lavallette this time of…